dandelion fritters with spiced honey water

You don’t hear the words “weed” and “mouth watering” used in the same sentence very often. Here is one exception.

From Jamie Oliver to Alys Fowler or Toronto’s latest hot spot The Black Hoof – who have just announced plans for a new concept that seems to have been partially inspired by Chef Grant van Gameren‘s “increasing obsession with wild foraging”  –  the local food movement seems to be shifting a step further into the world of foraged food. As I was walking past my neighbourhood park it occured to me that there were enough dandelions in this one park to nourish a small nation. And so, my latest delight has been born. These sweet bright bites are nutritious (packed with vitamins and herbal remedies) and – YES – mouth watering.

dandelion fitters

dandelion fritters

dandelion fritters

the ultimate foraged delight

PLEASE READ THIS WARNING BEFORE YOU GIVE THESE A TRY: Although dandelion flowers are delicious and nutritious they are also the part of the plant that carries all of the pollen. If you have seasonal or pollen allergies you will very likely have a reaction when consuming them. This is a risk for the flowers only. Please do feel free to experiment with dandelion greens and roots which are equally nutritious and delicious.

Fitters recipe:
Fresh picked dandelions (prefereably new flowers that have just opened and were picked in the sunshine)
1 egg
1 cup milk or coconut milk
3/4 cup almond flour
1/4 cup tapioca starch
2 tbsp coconut oil

Cook in small batches using a 9″ pan
Clip the dandelion flowers from the stems below their sepal (small leafs at the flower’s base).
Whisk the the egg and milk.
Sift together almond flour and tapioca starch and then stir into the milk mixture until the batter is well combined.
Heat coconut oil  over medium-high heat – you will know it is hot enough when you put a toothpick in and the oil bubbles around it.
Hold the dandelion by the sepal and dip the flower in the batter, twist it gently in your fingers to release most of the batter.
Place the dandelion in the hot oil and press & swirl to open the rays.
Fry for about 1 minute or until you see the edges begin to brown.
Turn it over and press lightly with a fork and then turn slightly to make sure you are cooking the entire sepal.

These cook quickly so I suggest you put only 6-8 in the pan at a time. By the time you have battered the last flower and placed it in the pan it will be time to flip the first, then second etc. Pay close attention as you brown the bottoms to make sure your other flower tops aren’t burning.

This amount of batter will make well over  48 fritters. I halved my recipe and made 20 flowers with more then half the batter left over.

Spiced Honey Water recipe:
1 cup water
1/2 cup honey
Pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger

Combine all ingredients in a small sauce pot, warm over medium heat stirring until the honey has melted.

Serve the honey water on the side and dip the fritters in as you eat them. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to dandelion fritters with spiced honey water

  1. Love this. Can’t wait to take the kids out to pick fresh dandelions and try this for a sunny day lunch! Thanks

  2. I’ve always wanted to try these but I worry because of my allergies to the pollen. 😦 I wish I could sample just a bite of one though. Yours look beautiful by the way! 🙂

  3. katlinr says:

    Ah! allergies suck! I think I’m going to try zucchini flower fritters. I feel like they will have the same beautiful colour and no pollen. Keep checking back. The flowers are almost ready!

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