strawberry and yellow wood sorrel salsa

Starting a blog was a big commitment.  Before I began I knew I wanted to fully commit but also knew that I didn’t have place in my life for more stress. My goal was to have fun, explore, learn, be creative, and post every week. But, life happens – so no stress when I miss a week and/or things in the kitchen go wrong.

In last week’s case “life” happened to be a time spent with friends and family and obsessing about summer’s first strawberries. As it also happens the first recipe I planned for this week’s post was a bust.

My “Family and friends strawberry fiesta” highlights

~ summer sleepover “Pinning” and listening to great music ~

~ 2 flats of “picked at dawn” strawberries from the farmers market ~

~ 3 batches of jam in 2 hours with my step-mum Jacquie! ~
(picture coming soon)

~ GF brownies with whipped cream and strawberries ~

~ bringing home a new kitty – with number 2 on her way ~

~ new inspiration for gluten free bread recipe – I made a pizza tartine ~

~ picking wildflowers by the train tracks with Ella, for Gramma’s birthday ~

handmade flower bouquethandmade flower bouquet

A week late… here is a recipe that has been spinning in my head for a while. This one is as yummy as I had imagined.

Yellow wood sorrel is a “weed” that, no matter how pervasive, I have a hard time plucking. I remember adding it to my pansy salads as a child and lying in the grass munching on it over long lazy summer days. How can you not love a “weed” that is shaped like hearts AND edible – with a very subtle lemon flavour. I have an abundance of it in my yard this year and have been dying to find the perfect pairing.

Strawberries with green hearts… sounds picture perfect!

Strawberries with a hint of lemon…sounds mouthwatering!


4 cups strawberries – thickly sliced
2 tablespoons basil – finely chopped
1-2 tablespoons chives – cut to 2-3 cm (1″) sticks
A handful of wood sorrel with leaves separated
1 tablespoon of grapeseed oil
1 tablespoon of fruit juice (I used organic mango-orange but anything sweet will work)
pinch of salt

Place everything but salt in a serving bowl and gently toss, making sure the berries soak in some of the juice.
Sprinkle salt on top just before serving

Serve immediately with fish or chicken (tarragon would be a nice flavour pairing).

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3 Responses to strawberry and yellow wood sorrel salsa

  1. Tom Nesbitt says:

    Strawberries and kittens. How wonderful.
    Enjoying the posts KJ

  2. katlinr says:

    Thanks Tom. So glad you like it!

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