Hi my name is Katlin. This is a journal of my favourite recipes and go-to ingredients as well as treasures from my urban garden and other homemade delights.

For me, food isn’t a passion as much as it is one of life’s great pleasures. In that spirit I will also share some other of my life’s pleasures. Favourite ways to live life to its fullest – projects and inspirations that help me to stay grounded.

Loving Food

“Loving food” is food that you love to eat, that is good for you, and is conscientious of the world we live in.

My Food Philosophy

I try to eat as much unprocessed, real food as possible. I aim for local, seasonal and organic. When I buy packaged food I am conscious about the impact it will have on my world. I am obsessive about reading and understanding nutrition labels so I know exactly what I am putting in my body and my family’s bodies’. I am well versed in the “tricks” of the food marketing trade. I try to eat a varied diet so toxins don’t build up in my system. I struggle daily with a wheat sensitivity.


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